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subaudible tone with SatPC32

A couple people have asked me about the new subaudible tone function in
SatPC32 version 11.3.

This function does not work with all satellite radios because not all
satellite radios have the necessary computer interface commands that allow
the computer to control the subaudible tone.

FT-847 and FT-736R are the only radios that have interface commands to allow
SatPC32 to enable/disable the subaudible tone AND set the tone frequency.  I
have tested it with my FT-847 and made my first-ever contacts on SO-50.
When I enable Doppler tuning for SO-50, SatPC32 automatically enables the 67
Hz tone for the "satellite TX VFO".  This does NOT alter the "regular TX
VFO" subaudible tone frequency used for local repeater access.

The IC-910H has an interface command that allows SatPC32 to enable/disable
the subaudible tone, but there is no interface command to allow SatPC32 to
control the tone frequency.  You must manually set the tone frequency to 67
Hz to access SO-50.

The SatPC32 subaudible tone function does not work on other satellite radios
such as TS-2000, TS-790, IC-820, and IC-821 because the computer interfaces
of those radios don't include commands to control the subaudible tone.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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