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Re: How to handle QSL'ing Canada and Mexico

Ronald Mutter wrote:

I know that I can send mail to these countries with US postage but dont have
a supply of stamps native to those countries.  Short of going to a stamp
collecting store and paying a lot for the stamps, is there a place someone
can recommend or should I just go via the QSL bureau ?

Wayne replies:

U.S. postage to Canada and Mexico is 60 cents.  Postage to anywhere else in
the world is 80 cents.

For international return postage, most people either include a dollar bill
or an IRC.  It's easier to get dollar bills.  When mailing dollar bills, you
should use security envelopes so it won't be obvious to thieves that money
is in the envelope.  I use security envelopes for the outer envelope
(business size) and the return envelope (letter size), and put the bill
inside the return envelope so there is a double layer of security paper
obscuring the dollar from thieves.  Also, don't put callsigns on the outer
envelope.  That advertises to thieves that money is in the envelope.  Always
include an addressed return envelope to make life easier for the other
station (or QSL manager).

IRC's are rather expensive ($1.95) and a lot of post offices don't stock
them.  Also keep in mind that a few countries do not accept IRC's: Cambodia,
Colombia, Egypt, El Salvador, Iran, Libya, Lebanon, Paraguay, Taiwan, and
maybe others.

>From some countries the postage rate to the U.S. is more than $1.  This is
increasingly true now that the dollar has devalued significantly compared to
most foreign currencies.  Here are web sites that list the number of dollars
or IRC's required for return postage:
These sites says that the following countries require more than $1 for
return postage to the U.S.:  Argentina, Australia, Austria, Colombia,
Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands Antilles, Norway, Sweden,
Switzerland, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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