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Re: [officers] Re: "Two Hundred Meters and Down," 2003 edition

> Jeff Davis wrote:
> > And yet, there is a certain sweet irony that while all the no-code
forces in
> > the universe worked their tails off to eradicate CW from amateur radio
the end
> > result may very well be that the only mode that can survive BPL is ...
> Have you paid any attention to the results of the FEC mode that was
> recently added to AO-40's telemetry? .........
> Judging from the ARRL's recordings of BPL signals on HF, a well-designed
> digital mode with FEC should be extremely effective against this kind of
> interference as well.

Well, yes, but that's kind like saying you're in favor of smog because it
will give you a reason to wear a full-face respirator.  Pollution is
pollution....save DSP, FEC etc. for cases when the noise is unavoidable.

Grant Zehr AA9LC

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