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Re: [officers] Re: "Two Hundred Meters and Down," 2003 edition

> * Bill Tynan <btynan@omniglobal.net> [2003-08-10 16:34]:
> > 
> > Second;  Broadband over powerlines has the demonstrated potential to render
> > ALL HF operating impossible, using modern-day techniques, SSB, and various
> > digital forms.  In fact the only technique which might stand a chance of
> > getting through its QRM is old-fashoned CW coppied by one of the best DSP
> > devices yet evolved - the human ear and brain of a good code op.  I hardly
> And yet, there is a certain sweet irony that while all the no-code forces in 
> the universe worked their tails off to eradicate CW from amateur radio the end 
> result may very well be that the only mode that can survive BPL is ... CW.

I'm sure glad the best we can come up with in the face of interference to
to fall back to using CW.  That's forward thinking for you.

Did anyone else read the messages on the AMSAT-BB list over the last
few weeks regarding the FEC work that was done on the AO-40 telemetery
transmissions?  Didn't that leave an impression on anyone?

For the cost of a whizzy 2m HT, you can go down the local computer 
shop and buy more compute cycles than were used to design nuclear weapons
years ago.  The signal processing potential is enormous.  PSK31 snuck
in the backdoor by masqurading as RTTY, but it is happening.

And the reason I ask about AMSAT's position on all this is because I'm
a member and I'm trying to decide if it worth continuing to support
the organization by renewing my membership.


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