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RE: Mobile, FM and GEO... why ?

> To be honest I not used SO-35 a lot of time. When I'm right 
> it is the one 
> with the parot ??

It was, until it died. :(

> When it is an FM satellite you can forget it above Europe. 
> Technically you 
> are right, as UO-14 just switched on I made an interresting 
> contact with 
> OZ1MY with extreem low power.

Well, low power here is the order of the day.  My normal TX power was
1.5-2W, with 0.25W being very useable most of the time (when the QSB wasn't
too bad).

And on SO-35, I was often one of the stronger stations - with a mere 15-20W

> So, the keep 
> healthy I use the more interresting lineair transponders :-)

Fair enough.  Down here, you might be lucky to strike up a conversation with
yourself on the linear birds... :)  I tried many times on RS-12/13 to have a
QSO with no joy (except for those I had pre-arranged).  Oh, I could hear
myself fine, but no one else seemed to be on the bird...
> You are right that the problem is not the technical one. The 
> problem is just 
> the hams themself.

True, it's a ham problem.

> With an GEO sat the foot-print is much larger, so you can 
> imagine that the 
> problems will be much more.

Which is why it needs to be more "controlled".  DX chasing should be totally
discouraged on such a bird and priority given to people in remote areas
(people in populated areas could access the bird from terrestrial linked
networks, which could be linked by a separate, higher priority uplink).

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