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>Who will share pictures and description of how they converted BBQ dishes
>into a screened round dish using the K5OE "P5 Special" approach.
>WN7B soldered #6 copper wire for the frame extension and used a hot glue
>gun to attach the aluminum window screen.
>What other neat ideas are out there?

Hi Allen,

I don't know how "neat" it is, but on O13 I used a 30" round dish that was 
just barely able to hear signals on O13 with the equipment I had at that 
time...home brew pre-amp, etc...

I took 3/8" mesh screen called "hardware cloth" here...It has solder 
joints, and is galvanized.  I cut 8 "petals" with about a 1" overlap where 
they butted, about 4" to over lap the periphery of the screen, to give me 
about an 8" radius increase to the dish.  I conformed the petals to the 
contour of the dish, as best I could using pop rivets.

Easier to do than describe, but I can take a picture if you wish..

I have no idea of the gain increase, but it enabled me to get on O13 with 
ease.  My grandson shot hockey pucks at it (accidently!) when it was laying 
on the ground in the backyard until AO40 came along, and I used it for my 
initial contacts on AO40 when the transponder was first tunred on..So it is 
pretty rugged!!


            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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