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Re: "Two Hundred Meters and Down," 2003 edition


I can't speak for AMSAT since I am no longer an officer or director.
Speaking personally, the questions you raise go well beyond the
amateur-satellite service and are thus in the realm of the ARRL Board, which
does the voluntary U.S. band planning for the amateur services generally.
You may wish to raise them with your ARRL Director, assuming that you are a
League member.

One factor ARRL will have to consider is that, if you look carefully at the
link budget constraints affecting amateur satellites in the microwave bands,
you'll see that they cannot support bandwidths on the order of those used
for Wi-Fi.  There simply is not enough power and usable antenna gain
available to overcome the path loss, especially in the presence of Wi-Fi
co-channel interference.  So, some sort of compromise would have to be
worked out.

You may also be interested in seeing AMSAT's comments in last year's 2.4 GHz
Wi-Fi proceeding.  You can find them elsewhere on www.amsat.org.


Ray, W2RS

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