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Re: "Two Hundred Meters and Down," 2003 edition

> In 1912, Congress limited amateurs and other "private stations" to
> wavelengths below 200 meters (frequencies above 1.5 MHz), where they would
> not be able to cause damage to Naval and commercial stations operating above
> 200 meters according to the prevailing technology of that era.
> In 2003, FCC has proposed to authorize BPL in the 2-80 MHz range, and Wi-Fi
> at 5470-5725 MHz.  WRC-03 has allocated that band to Wi-Fi on a primary
> basis.  According to the Central States VHF Society, BPL emissions are
> likely to produce harmonics well into the UHF bands.  A similar result is
> likely for Wi-Fi at 2.4 and 5.4 GHz.
> Except for those amateurs lucky enough to live in rural areas, that would
> leave 160m, perhaps 23cm, and the upper microwave bands (perhaps 24 GHz and
> above) as the only places U.S. amateurs can operate free from interference
> caused by the "national information infrastructure."  If you live outside
> the U.S., "this picture is coming to a theatre near you."
> There's an eerie similarity in that: "Top Band" was our principal refuge in
> 1912 as well.  The difference is that short waves, 3.5-30 MHz plus VHF and
> lower UHF, open to amateurs then, will be functionally useless now if FCC
> has its way.
> What can you do about this?  Reply Comments in the BPL matter, ET Docket
> 03-104, are open through August 20th.  Comments in the 5 GHz Wi-Fi matter,
> ET Docket 03-122, are open through September 3rd, with Reply Comments open
> through September 23rd.

I'm curious what AMSAT's position on these matters are.  Are we going
look to the future to develop operating techniques that can accomodate
non-exclusive spectrum allocation policies, or complain that our
1912-style operating techniques aren't working so good in the 21st

Personally, I'd like to have more broadband network deployment and more
wireless data ("Wi-Fi") capability available.


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