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Nova help

I have the antennas and rotor all up and running and the Yaesu 5500 
calibrated with Nova but cannot get it to see any satellite except AO10 
which was the first number I hit by accident  I go to satellite setup to 
pick another and it will not take it.  I called Nova but they say they are 
off for the summer so anyone had this problem and if so what is the way to 
do it. It will not save the rotor interface settings either and I bought 
the program so not using the demo version  Good to hear the birds again and 
maybe next week will be on 40 by the weekend as all else is done.  K9SM 
known in the 1970's as K9Satellite Man hihi

Scott K9SM
'God please save us from the Good People'

If you don't know what I mean you are part of the problem.

Remember another saying

'You can't fix stupid'

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