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Dear Gene,
Thanks a lot for the e-mail and I do apologize for the
late reply.
Well, my activities via AO40 are omitted by the time
factor. At present our mutual openings especially
those ones with the Central and Western USA take place
after 08.00 or 09.00 UTC. This is very inconvenient
for me as I have to leave for my workplace no later
than 06.45 UTC!And this is Monday to Saturday! There
is only good chance for the stations located at the
Eastern part of the states. Yes I made several QSO
with some of them at around 06.00 UTC. Unfortunately,
due to the inconvenient time zone which you have there
(2.00 am in the morning) there are very few stations
on the bird, if any! There is a possibility to work
you people in the central and the western part of the
US only on Sundays! Unfortunately, there are not so
many in the month and the chances of having good
opening towards you are even slimmer. 
Anyway, I keep on trying whatsoever is the predicted
squint of the antennas. I found that some times the
signals are much stronger when the squint is high and
it is worth working despite the strong QSB. 
This morning on August 9th I worked plenty of Japanese
and Australian stations. The conditions were good and
I spent all the night awaken! Right now I am at work
and I do not feel so comfortable, but I am determine
to face this morning another challenge again towards
the Far East! Than in the morning of Monday August
11th at around 04.40 I will be QRV as soon as the
passband opens at MA030! There will be window reaching
deeper into the central US, so I will try to be there
up to 06.30. The very next day on August 12th the
conditions will be grate! But again the time is a
problem and I will be traveling the very same morning
out of the city for few days. anyway I will be QRV on
that date when at 06.00 UTC the Eastern part of the US
will be open for me. 
So I think the picture is very much clear. Now days I
am using also the AO40 Logger and I found it very
usefull! I will keep you informed there about my
activities on AO40. I do not have Internet at my home,
but only in the office. Therefore, if anybody sends me
e-mail let be aware first of the time difference
especially Saturday-Sunday in order my self to have
the chance to read it and to make whatsoever
arrangements in time. My local time is UTC+1.
So thanks to all of you, there who read this e-mail. I
addressed to Gene, AA6NP but it is designated to
inform all the North American amateur radio community
working via AO40 and wishing to make QSO with me.
I will be very glad indeed to work you via the bird!
Thanks a lot for your time and God bless!
73s! de Vladi, 5N0EVR

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