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Re: Membership Drive Idea

Emily Clarke wrote:
> [ Used to work on Acrobat when I was with Adobe, so I know a bit about 
> these things...]

Hya Em...things have been nuts around here, so I've aired out replying 
to your last note.

> 2) WRT Pagemaker - I believe Adobe has EOL'd (End of Lifed) it.  This 
> also means they will terminate support for it as well.  So you may want 
> to consider how you will produce the Journal down the road.

I've had very good results with the Blurb using StarOffice/OpenOffice. 
There's also command that ships with Ghostscript on Linux that converts 
a PostScript stream to a PDF, and OpenOffice is perfectly willing to 
print to a Postscript file.

Of course none of that generates revenue for Adobe...too bad. :-)

  73 de Maggie

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