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Re: Membership Drive Idea

In addition to potential cost saving for postage, and electronicly
distributed version could have enhanced capabilities:

- full text indexing
- hyperlinks embedded in the text
- richer content (e.g., color, links to audio samples, etc.)

The last thing I want to do is print it out.  I'd rather have a PDF
or HTML version of the publication I can carry around on my PDA or
store on my computer and easily find that article that I recall reading
about.  With the cost of disk space rapidly approaching $free/MByte,
I'd rather keep old issues on my hard disk or spooled out to a CDROM
than consuming shelf-space for the dead-tree version.

Heck, wouldn't it be wonderful if the content in the newsletter and
especially, the editing and production work could also be applied,
somehow, to the AMSAT web site?  Maybe after some period, the
"members-only" content would eventually migrate to the web site?

Just some random thoughts.


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