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Re: Re: ARES and Satellites


I had brought this up a few years ago about trying to tie all this 
together. I didn't take the
ball and run with it then because of time and not knowing enough at the 

Everyone has made their comments about this subject. Now what we should 
be doing is
seeing WHAT will work for what and writing up plans or suggestions for each.

Here's my ideas:

1) AO-40 could be set aside during parts of its orbit during Emergencies 
so as to make
     contacts into areas that have coverage with uneffected areas. 
Stations could receive
     and pass informantion about conditions and supplies that are needed 
to. Can we use
     AO-40 to allow unlicensed individuals (under control of local 
station i.e. thrid party
     traffic) to their reletives?

2) The FM birds could be used to pass packet messages in and out of 
effected areas. This
     would work better for QUICK NTS messages.

3) I have seen that UO-22 may be back online soon. This would work good 
for passing
    supply lists and other such things that couldn't be passed along on 
the FM birds. UO-22
    could even be used with its store and forward to pass along images 
of the effected area.

4) If Bob can get a few PCSATs in the air and running, we could use APRS 
for tracking
     what stations are available and can be used for what with APRS's 
abililty to pass short
     bursts that could include what stations can work which satellites. 
This way then anyone
     can fiqure out what will work best.

Now that I have made my suggestions, what's everyone have to say about this?

James W8ISS
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