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Re: Re: ARES and Satellites

Joel wrote:

> > Cell phones will probably be much more useful than the ubiquitous HT's in
>any emergency...
>Take it from someone who has worked on a cell system - it ain't worth squat
>during a storm!  There are only a limited number of tcvrs in a cell-site and
>each one of those only accomodates so many users (i.e. iDEN has 6 channels /
>BR and most omni sites [in this area] only have 6 BR's).  During a storm,
>when everyone (police, fire, EMA, paramedics, utilities, regular users) is
>using their cell phone on whatever vendor (i.e. LINC, Nextel, Cingular,
>AT&T, etc.) it's a hit-or-miss proposition whether or not you'll get through
>to the party you're trying to contact.  There are ways to increase available
>channels with out increasing radios, but it involves compression.
>Businesses have to weigh increased capabilities with decreased audio
>quality.  Most users would rather have the audio quality than channel
>On top of that, a lot of cell companies do not utilize generators in their
>cell sites.  Batteries are generally only good for about 8 hours (at the
>most) and the more radios you add to a site (to increase subscribers) the
>less time you've got on your batteries.  Believe me, I've been there, done
>that, got the T-shirt so to speak.  I've seen radios added to cell sites
>without increasing the number of batteries.  Each iDEN BR adds 10A to a site
>load.  If your generator fails to start (at one of the sites that has a
>generator) and you might have three hours of operation before the site dies.

Joel, I'll say it one more time, and probably never again...

My opinion is:  Satellites should be used as an ADJUNCT to cell phones, 
yelling, messengers, smoke signals, jungle drums, HT's....

ADJUNCT is a pretty simple word, and has absolutely nothing to do with

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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