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Re: Re: ARES and Satellites

Ron said:

>My intent in starting this thread was to get the
>point across that Satellites for use in an ARES situation are an option -
>not necessarily a good one but an option.

Hi Ron,

Again, congrats on your efforts....You will have a hard time, I assure you, 
convincing what I call the "2meter HT mentality"!
I've tried for years...

Cell phones will probably be much more useful than the ubiquitous
HT's in any emergency...

Yes, they just don't quite understand that satellites would be an adjunct 
to any existing communications that would survive.  I have all sorts of 
emergency power available here, to run a satellite station from its present 
locaction, or across the street if my house/yard becomes 
inhabitable.  Couple satellite (WHEN THEY ARE AVAILABLE) capabilities, with 
the aforementioned HT/cell/tin can/messenger/smoke signals/shouting 
systems, and a great potential exists.

I can use a 5 watt HT and talk to most of the populated areas in San Diego 
on simplex, we've done it in previous ARES drills...

But, as we all know, some people either refuse, or are just not capable of 
thinking out of the box....

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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