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VK MMDS info website.

Hi Amsaters

Over the weekend I decided to remove my digit and make a web site that shows
the many different types of MMDS downconverters and antenna types that VKs
might encounter.

I have also pulled them all apart and taken photos and added "How it Works"
information.  Also what mods and antennas I have used and what I am using.

So please go and have a look at:


It has heaps of photos!  Some are quite large so I can get the detail
across.  So if you have a slower connection I am sorry about that.  If I get
to many people telling me it's to hard to get the pics I'll reduce the size
of some.

Please any comments/additions gladly accepted - "vk2dag at bigpond.com".


Matt -VK2DAG-

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