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Re: UO-14 off?

I don't know guys... say what you want about the LEOs...
5 sec QSO's, Grid collecting, low tech, waste of funds, whatever....

if it wasn't for Doug Q (KA2UPW) doing a demo of AO-27 in the ARRL parking 
in the mid 90's (years before all the W2RS articles in QST), I personally 
wouldn't be on AO-40, I wouldn't be building patches and helix feeds and DEM 
kits and looking for prime focus dishes on ebay. Maybe some of you jumped in 
with both feet and cut your teeth on AO-40 or the older linear transponder 
birds, but I didn't, and probably wouldn't have, if it hadn't been for 
having some fun with a LEO ---the only equipment I didn't already have was a 
435 pre-amp.

When I set up and worked a few passes at lunch, I got a couple of other hams 
at work hooked, guys who had never considered operating satellite.

With work and family and no means to permanently install an antenna system, 
sometimes the only chance I get to work anything at all is a few grids going 
back and forth to work on a LEO.

If UO-14 is indeed gone, I think it's a shame. The satellite community just 
lost one conduit of new interest and members.

Thanks for the info on the Primestar dish and for the offer on doing the 
paper Ed,  but I'm just a low-tech grid-chaser. :-)

Bill W1PA

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