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re: New baseline for GEO (+SSB)

    > NEW: If we put all the power into a SINGLE SSB downlink (FM uplink)
    > then we can use it maybe 24 hours a day!  BUT it eliminates 99.5% of
    > all mobiles being able to hear it (unless they carry an SSB)..

    If your thinking of an FM uplink with a SSB downlink, I was just
    wondering how difficult it would be to have several FM uplinks going
    into one ssb transponder.  Would this allow several signals at once
    without alot more power drain?  I also don't know how difficult this
    would be or if you have enough time to get this done.

Indeed, this has been suggested privately for AO-40, but the problem
there is that RUDAK and the main beacon interfere with each other in 
some unknown manner.  In principle, several FM channels could be each
translated into SSB and injected at suitable spacing into the passband 
of a linear transponder (perhaps -12dB below the main beacon), but 
probably not on AO-40.  Then if the newbies run too much power, nobody
gets hurt.  -chuckle-

You might not be able to hear it with a mobile, but some HT's can receive
SSB (such as the TH-F6A) and then you'd just use the mobile for an uplink,
given, of course, a suitable antenna setup. 

		       -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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