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Re: UO-14 off?


It's was only an FM bird, get over it.   You'll all get Echo for 
replacement soon enough.  Just have to be a little patient is all.  You'll 
soon be back to passing grids again in no time.


At 07:56 PM 8/5/03 -0700, Emily wrote:

>Thanks for the information - unfortunately this doesn't sound good.  Here 
>is the information I know:
>Orbit 70653 - AOS: 15:38Z LOS 15:53Z Operational
>Orbit 70654 - AOS: 17:18Z LOS 17:32Z Not Heard
>I am located in CM87tm (37.31N 122.20W) 25km sse of of San Francisco, 
>My next AOS isn't until orbit 70660 at 02:54Z.

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