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Re: covering

Not true.

Depends on the plastic...  a chunk in a microwave is usually a good test.
More likely, plastic will either absorb (get hot) or be transparent (stay
cool), but not reflect. I believe the front of the Primestar plastic dishes
have some sort of reflective coating on them, correct?

I use clear Plexiglas over the front of a couple of my patches with no
discernable signal loss.

Besides silver Mylar on a gulf umbrella and the grid antennas, I don't think
you'll find much lighter than a Primestar dish.

For about the same weight, you could get a 1.2M dish.... check

.... all aluminum frame, and I put aluminum screening over mine. It just
fits in the back hatch of my Subaru. :-)

>Plastic is non conductive and it reflects, is fiberglass different?  I'm
>looking for a strong light weight 3' dish.   My 3' oblong primestar like
>dish is too heavy for portable.


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