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Re: covering

At 09:46 AM 8/5/03 -0500, Bruce Bostwick <lihan161051@earthlink.net> wrote:
>>Hello my friends:
>>Was wondering which would be better. Covering  my 1.2 meter dish frame with
>>fiberglass screening  or aluminum screening (hardware cloth), which would be
>Fiberglass is nonconductive and won't reflect at all.  It might affect the 
>signal slightly due to near-field capacitive loading but not in the way 
>you'd want.  Go with the aluminum screening -- it's conductive and should 
>reflect RF quite well ..

Plastic is non conductive and it reflects, is fiberglass different?  I'm 
looking for a strong light weight 3' dish.   My 3' oblong primestar like 
dish is too heavy for portable.


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