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Re: AO-40 and Trees


I have a similar problem to yours.  I have 50-80 ft. oak trees on all sides
of me.  To my west, the trees are less than 40 ft. from my antennas.  I have
a 3' x 2' BBQ grill and I can not hear a thing when the trees have a full
canopy.  I can not even hear the middle beacon.  Because of this, I have not
been able to work AO-40 since it's hiatus earlier this year.  When the bird
hits my clear spot to the south-southeast I am still in bed ;^)  I doubt I
will work any AO-40 until it starts making afternoon/evening passes again.

I plan to put up a 3' solid aluminum dish but expect the same results.  That
it just the biggest dish I feel comfortable with on my tower.  I will do
better during the winter but Mode S has not been kind to me at all.

Karl R. Sandstrom, K5MAN
AMSAT Area Coordinator
Greenwell Springs, Louisiana
k5man@arrl.net / k5man@amsat.org

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