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RE: AO-40 and Trees

WISP, and other programs, have the ability to put in your local horizon.
Over several years I built up a data base using the Pacsats.  My local
horizon has a couple of 15-20 degree bumps due to hills, but more
importantly a stand of trees to the east.  These trees are not isolated, but
the edge of an extensive woods.  I suppose the mathematical term would be
"semi-infinite."  :)  Anyway, there is strong attenuation.  However, at
AO-40 there is a very strong seasonal component.  In winter, with the trees
dry and without leaves, you can see the attenuation kick in at about the
same elevation, but you can hear the bird significantly lower.  There is an
article on this by Gould Smith in a relatively recent issue of the AMSAT
conference proceedings.



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