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Dish questions for you guys

Well, after about a year of dragging my feet I've decided to get serious
about getting an ao-40 station on the air.  I bought a BBQ dish at Dayton a
couple years ago but after dragging it out to the patio and aiming it by
hand 5 or 6 times I realized I was going to be pretty unhappy with the
performance of the thing.  I'd like to use the transsystem convert that came
with the BBQ (I did the murata filter mod).  And I just picked up a 1 meter
dish a couple days ago for $20.  Here are my questions.  Should I spend the
time using the "string" method to find the focal point of the dish (or
another method) or just go with the same point the old lnb was positioned.
I'm planning on going with a helix feed.  Also, should I invest in a DEM (or
some other) preamp or is it just going to raise the noise level?  Any other
suggestions or advice would be appreciated to help get this thing optimized.
Pictures of the dish are at http://home.fuse.net/ronjr/

Thanks and 73!

Ron, NR8O

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