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Re: Re: New baseline for GEO (rev-1)

On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Chris Hill wrote:

> ...Bob's goal of being able to work through a Mode-B U/V linear
> transponder for SSB cw and PSK31, using a portable arrow antenna.

I've now compared SuperGeo's uplink to AO13 and AO40 uplink requirements:
SuperGeo's 0dBi gain antennas will take:

  * 9 dB more than it took for AO13 (9 dBi uplink antenna gain)
  * 15 dB more than it takes to work AO40 (15 dBi uplink gain)

I have heard it took typically 100W EIRP for AO13.  THus, comparitvely it
would take 800W EIRP or 40W into a 13 dBi Arrow (is it 13?)

I have heard numbers all over the place about AO-40 and wont hazard a
comparison  because most posts rarely give their results in EIRP...

> A quick search on the 'net only turned up gain measurements for a "5
> element modified Arrow" on 144MHz, and a "10 element modified arrow" on
> 432MHz (7.2dBd and 10.9dBd respectively). (From
> http://members.cox.net/csvhfs/2002/antenna_results.htm )

I was hoping an Arrow might be 9 and 13 dBi?  Sounds like the
unmodified one might be only 7 and 12?
> Are these figures typical?

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