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new guy just sitting back and learning

Good morning folks,
Its amasing to see all the information going across this bb.
I have already operated through uo-14,iss packet and no-44 aprs.
I have a simple station consisting of a Icom 821 and some homebrewed 2 meter
and 70 cm beams set at 15 degrees above the horizon.I know that this is far
from being a good station but my budget right now only alows me to have
Right now I am on the learning phase but eventually I will get there( maybe
in 50 years).
My background isnt really into electronics but mainly into aviation since I
am a composite repairman for a defence contractor.Reading the latest AMSAT
bulletin I was amased what it took to make up the EAGLE frame work.I would
think that 6061 t-6 hardness would be too hard and cracking would be a
problem but I wouldnt really know what kind of inviroment that a sattilite
would go through in outer space.
I want to say thanks to all those who put their time and effort into making
a great hobby enjoyable.
thanks and 73s,
Glenn Blum kd5dga
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