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Re: New baseline for GEO (+SSB)

>I still believe AMSAT should be prepared for an
>opportunity like this  one...off the shelf


While I agree with Roger, without knowing neither the
launch parameters nor a potential 'host' 
satellite's specifications, there's probably a limit
to the level AMSAT's preparedness beyond which
it would not be cost beneficial.

Drawing from Bob's exercise, it appears that keeping a
mode u/v transponder on the shelf would be a good
idea, as it appears that mode u/v is suitable for both
LEO and GEO missions.  However, without knowing in
advance what the sort of power or bus voltages the
host satellite could provide, or the path loss of the
intend orbit, it would probably be best just to have a
low-level transponder assembled, and the HELAPS amp
could be tailor-made for the specific mission.

Perhaps a 'generic' battery controller could be
designed that could be quickly assembled once more
information was available.  As well, I understand that
AMSAT-DL is looking at ASICs as the basis for IHU
development, but technology is moving pretty fast in
this area.

WRT to a space frame or solar panels, we'd have to
have a clear understanding of the launch opportunity
before even drawings could be prepared...

73 de va3rr/aa8lu

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