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Re: Sound input to Phil's FEC pkg?

Geoff wrote:
> Hi Guys,
>    Has anybody on the list had Phil's FEC package working with Mandrake 
> 9.0 and a soundblaster audigy card? I have been able to install and test 
> the FEC package without trouble but feeding it sound is giving me fits 
> :-[ . I have all of the various KDE sound packages working OK but I have 
> had NO joy with bplay, brec or rawrec ?? Any help would be most 
> appreciated.

Sounds like you may have a driver or card problem. The first thing you 
should do is to see if you can record and play back raw audio without 
trying to decode it. You must get that working before you can attempt to 
decode anything.

Be sure to bring up a mixer application so you can select the 
appropriate input and set levels appropriately. Some cards and/or 
drivers come up with the gains turned down or otherwise muted.


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