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AO-40 DX.......

Wayne, Jerry, et al...

I agree that this has been a super year to date on AO-40.  I note that
others not mentioned as being QRV recently are HK3GAL, HC2FG, TK5XN,
HL2JFM and the IOTA operation of EJ4ABB.  I joined the AO-40 group on the
26th of Nov. 2002.  In those eight months I've worked 76 countries and
very close to 600 unique calls.  I watch the HB9DRI Logger very closely
and the only calls mentioned as being QRV that I have a window with and
missed working in that time frame was UA0LMC and HC2FG.    The recent 7P8
and 3DA0 operations are so "special" and having an experienced HF DXer
convert to satellite operator is proof that it can be done with Wayne's
portable station and the proper Elmering.  I hope that more of these kind
of operations will come about in the near future.  One which comes to
mind is the just announced plan for a Tunisian (TS7N) IOTA expedition. 
It, unfortunately, will be near the end of this current AO-40 cycle (End
of Nov.--First of Dec. 2003).  I have a feeling that Tunisia is in the
most wanted satellite CQ Zone.  Can any one of the old timers verify
this?  Then there is the trip of Neil, W6FOG.  That too, according to
word given me by Neil himself is starting in late Oct. when the squint
will be making the bird almost non usable.  All in all, we can still
thank all of those who put forth efforts to get up at all hours of the
night (and day) just to help make us DXers all "happy campers".  I say a
really heart felt thank you and please don't worry about us loosing sleep
over any DX experience.  It is, after all, part of being an avid DXer.
On the other hand, I have not burned so much midnight oil since I was
avidly chasing HF DXCC nearly 20 years ago!!

My claim to AO-40 distance "fame" would have to be between myself in
DN81kq to FR1GZ in LG79rd.  I don't know the distance but both of us had
less than 2 degrees of elevation.

73 and best DXing to all.  Frank, K0BLT

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