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CT3/CT1EAT preliminar report

Hi All

Today morning I've returned from my holidays in CT3.
It's good to be back home despite the hot weather
Today our thermometers never went below 25C deg.
Max temp was near 43C deg. I have no idea how much
is that in ºF but I can assure you it's hot. Damm hot!!!

About my CT3 AO-40 operation, I want to say THANKS
very much to all of you who worked me.
I know many of you wake up (very) early in the morning
and some even "escape" from work to do the contact.
I garanty it wasn't easy for me either: wake up at 3 AM
local it isn't exactly the ideal time to get out of bed
during holidays. In fact that's the time I usually *go* to
bed during holidays ;0). But it pays the efford everytime
you said "Thanks for the new one".

As results are concern, I must say I was a bit desapointed.
I was expecting to work more stations. However, after
reading again the FG-Guadalupe report from Wayne, W9AE
I realised the results are similar. Although I was active
2 more days, the present AO-40 season it's not operator
"friendly" as it was last winter schedule. In fact most of  the
windows occur when Asian stations are working, EU's are
going to work and NA operators are still sleeping. Not to
mention many AO-40 operators are already in holidays.
So, after all, I think the balance is quite positive.
Here are the figures:

DXCC worked: 31

Total QSO's: 178, with 159 unique call's, as follow:

41  W
27  DL
11  F
10  JA
9   I
7   G
6   ON
5   XE
4   PA, OE
3   ZS, PY, SM
2   OK, VU, VK, EA, CT, VE, SV, HB9
1   UA, OM, OZ, YV, CE, OH, SP, SV5, GW, YB

I'll write a full report and upload a couple pics to my
web pag as soon as I recover from "jetleg", hi.
See you soon on AO-40

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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