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Solar Noise & UO14/SO50

Hi Folks,
A number of us have noticed that at times UO14 and SO50 seem to have a high
degree of background noise, often when hf conditions are good.
1. Do we know whether the receivers on the craft are picking up solar noise?
or what? the basic downlink signal strength is not depressed. At first I
thought it was  my yagi directly picking up the noise from the sun, but it
has also happened when the sun is down at my location. Maybe it's a well
known effect, if so enlighten me.

2. Does anybody know where I can get daily radio noise figures, preferably
at say 150 and 400 MHz or so. I know where to get 10cm figures but I do not
know whether they are pertinent. Point me at the figures and I'll start a
daily log,

Mike G3LGR

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