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RE: Re: RE: Geo Opportunity

How do you "point at the galactic center" with your omni
antenna on the satellite?  What I think is that this and
other things such as the HUGE noise from Jupiter on 29
Mhz, etc. and your ten meter link just went from 10 watts
to 500 to 1KW EIRP.   Since this is a geosat, and since
we can get a few dB from a two element fixed beam until the
fiction of "stationary" geostationary orbits "syncs" in, we
can probably do this with a 100-200 watt station and a
fixed beam antenna.


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Im not sure how to interpret this nugget of info.  Doesnt the sky noise
you reffer to only appear if you point directly at the galactic center?
It does not appear anywhere else to that degree, so this seems like a red


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