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LEO Mobiles

Besides the Alinco 605TQ, the FT-8900, and the FT-8800, what dual band FM
mobiles, current or older, allow you to program discrete channels (must be
more than one, for Doppler and multiple satellites) into the radio with
2m/440 pairs for the LEOS, AND allow full duplex (you can hear the downlink
as you talk).

FM  mobiles only... Obviously, the FT-847, or 910 can do this.

Bonus question: What HT's will allow you to do this?
(send me email, and I'll post the results)


My FT-5100, FT-5200 will do one channel only (you could do it by VFO -- set
the uplink, and adjust the downlink with the knob -- but I want to have a
set of  five freq sets set for each working LEO bird (14, 27, 41, 50)).

The FT-530 is the same, correct? I haven't been able to set it up for
multiple pairs.

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