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Re: RE: Geo Opportunity

On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Pieter Ibelings wrote:

> There are many modules available that can do 10 watts on 2 meters. They are
> class AB and suitable for a transponder output. See...:
> http://www.rfparts.com/module.html

Wow, yes, it looks like the M57727 operated at about 15 Watts and below
is quite linear and 3rd order intermod products are down at -30 dBc. and
only takes 30 mW drive...

Can someone turn this into a Space Linear Transponder in a few months?


> >On Wed, 30 Jul 2003, Pieter Ibelings wrote:
> >
> > > Why do you want to use a linear cable TV amplifier? I have never seen a
> > > cable TV amplifier that can do more than 1 watt or so.
> >
> >Oh.  I was hoping they were higher power up to say 4 or 5 watts. :-(

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