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Re: RE: Geo Opportunity (design)

Our current GEO opportunity design Today looks like this:


This is by far NOT what anyone would want in an Amateur Satellite GEO
bird, but within the constraints and time available its what we can do
with what we have on hand and with no development time available...

It has a UI digipeater (like PCsat, ARISS packet, etc) for telemetry
command and control and it can carry a weak linear transponder.  both of
which require OSCAR class stations to work it, and both of which can only
support about 10% transmitter dutycycles.

One advantage is that it will drift worldwide (and locally horizon to
horizon) in MONTHS, so basically FIXED pointed antennas can be used in
your backyard.  (and you also might not see it for 6 months)...

There is very high risk that the all volunteer amateur satellite community
can put together a usable onmi antenna linear transponder of any viability
for use at GEO in the short time available.  In that case, we will plan on
flying a 20W FM transponder as the mass backup.  THis we can build

But remember, if we fly the FM transponder, it will NOT be used as an open
channel like the FM leo birds.  It will be available on a limited basis to
Amateur Community organizations for special events under a designated net
control.  Not everyone's cup of tea, but still a usable asset to the
worldwide amateur community... and a channel in support of "emergent
communications needs", the keystone of the amateur spirit.

de WB4APR, Bob

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