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Re: R: longest land distance on AO-40

Dominico wrote:

>The elevation for both stations was fraction of a degrees above the free
>horizon on the see.
>On AO40 the longest  was ZL1AOX  Jan in  New Zeeland

Scott wrote:

> > >Just curious what the longest claimed overland distance on AO-40 might
> > >I'll start the bidding at 16,063km (DM43di<>KG33xv).  Oddly enough Joberg
> > >is further away than either Perth or 8J1RF.

Dave wrote:

> > Well, I don't claim any record for it, but on O13 I talked to Durbin,
> > Africa several times.  My antipode in San Diego is Madagascar, so I guess
> > one can't get any further than that...I've never thought about it with
> > but at the minute I'm not sure if O40 ever gets there...

Well, AO40 gets there, but just barely!

This reminds me of a geography teacher that I had in the 5th grade in 
Northern Minn. It was said that if one drilled a hole thru the center of 
the earth that one would get to China...She explained how "not true" that 
was and proceeded to encourage our geography grasp of the world with my 
first antipodal awareness lesson...

If one wants the "longest distance" he had better live in South America, 
and/or Eurasia, or many islands around the world or he'll never get the 

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn.... 

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