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Surrey Quiz 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All!

Every year since foolishly volunteering to write it, ... I've put together a
pub quiz for the AMSAT-UK Surrey get-together, ... for those of you who
couldn't make it to Surrey, ... here it be!

The high-score this year was 37!

Good Luck!

Answers in a week or so!

Paul, VP9MU

Surrey Quiz 2003

1. An OC71 is A). a  TTL Quad NAND gate, or B). A germanium transistor?

2. Which country is allocated the callsign prefix series YAA-YAZ?

3. Which one of the following names is NOT a named crater on the Moon?

 A). Godin
 B). Gauss
 C). Franz
 D). Karl

4. The AO-40 FEC Telemetry Experiment uses techniques developed by Viterbi,
Reed & Solomon.
What are the first names of Viterbi, Reed or Solomon? One point for each
correct answer!

5. Where was Oscar 11 constructed?

6. Which of the following James Bond films did NOT have a space reference?

 A). You Only Live Twice
 B). Dr No
 C). Thunderball

7. Is a "mon" ...

A). Obsolete British unit employed in metallurgy for describing the flatness
of rolled steel plates.
A surface has a flatness of one mon if no part of it is more than one mil
above or below a straight
line drawn between any two points one metre apart on the surface.


B). The mon is the amount of substance of a system which contains as many
elementary entities as
there are atoms in 0.012 kg of carbon 12. When the mon is used, the
elementary entities must be
specified and may be atoms, molecules, ions, electrons, other particules, or
specified groups of
such particules [14th CgPM (1971), Resolution 3]. In this definition, it is
understood that carbon 12
atoms are unbound, at rest and in their ground state.

8. Which country is allocated the callsign prefix series OKA-OLZ?

9. The AO-40 IHU-1 sends different types of blocks in a specific sequence,
 what  block type follows this sequence: A E A K A E A L A E A ....

10. How many columns are there in a standard 1970's computer punched card?

11. After last year's quiz about Doppler's first name, ... it was found that
the answer to the quiz
question was wrong, ... what were Doppler's given names really?

12. Approximately how long is a half-wave dipole antenna for the 28MHz band?

13. Who wrote "Any kind of centripetal force being supposed, and the centre
of force, and any plane
whatsoever in which the body revolves, being given, and the quadratures of
circumlinear figures being
allowed; it is required to determine the motion of a body going off from a
given place with a given velocity, in the direction of a given right line in
that plane."

14. Which United States astronaut flew on Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle

15. A Viterbi  decodes what type of codes?

16. What operating system/programming language will be used on the flight
computers of P3-Express
and P5A?

17. Which company activated the "2LO" radio station?

18. What is the oldest operational amateur radio satellite?

19. Is "1 AND NOT 1 OR 1" EQUAL TO 1 ?

20. Who wrote the 1973 hit single "LIFE ON MARS?"?

21. From what country was Fuji-OSCAR-20 launched?

22. To 3 decimal places what is the square root of 4?

23. Which amateur radio satellite has the NORAD/NASA catalog number of

24. In what country will AMSAT P3-Express be constructed?

25. What does the AO-40 IPS-D2 Command "OFF !IHU-2" do?

26. Physically the AMSAT P3-Express spacecraft will visually resemble more
closely A). AO-13, or
B). AO-40?

27. What to the nearest 5 degrees is the mean surface temperature of Mars?

28. In the IPS language what number does #10 represent? .... # is hash in UK
English, and pound in
US English!

29. The "fathom" is an obsolete British and American unit of length employed
in marine applications.
It describes the depth of water. How long is a fathom?

 A: 4 feet
 B: 72 inches

30. Which Apollo mission was the unmanned test of the first Saturn 5 rocket?

31. The "X" submultiple of the "Y" expresses the ratio of two sound powers
or intensity levels P1 and
P2 as a Briggs logarithm difference according to the equation N(X) = 10 x
log10 P1/P2. For sound
pressure the number of "Xs" is N(X) = 20 x log10 P1/P2. The unit is named
after A.G. "Y" (1847-
1922). What is "X" and who is "Y'? ... [use finger quotes!]

32. Which islands are allocated the callsign prefix series V4A-V4Z ?

33. What is the name of an obsolete unit of capacity employed in the fishing
industry. It describes the
amount of herrings and it is equal to the number of herrings which can be
packed into a standard
box of volume 37.5 gallons (UK).

 A: Cran

 B: Crith

34. In what year did Pioneer 11 encounter Jupiter?

35. The equation V=IR is commonly better known as?

36. The Texas Instruments 7400 IC function is ...

 A: Quad 2 Input Positive NAND Gates

 B: Quad 2 Input Positive NAND Gates with Open-Collector Outputs

37. To the nearest 500 km what is the equatorial diameter of Mars?

38. What does the AO-40 IPS-D2 Command "ALL-A" do?

39. Which once secret launch site is located about 300km south of Archangel
and lies just outside the
Arctic Circle. Tradition has it that the discovery of this site was made by
the Kettering Group.

40. What was the Lunar Module callsign for Apollo 10, the mission that first
tested the Lunar Module
in Lunar orbit? ... and for a bonus what was the callsign of the Command


 Will a leap second be added to UTC on December 31, 2003?

All answers are final!

Paul, VP9MU

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