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Re: how to find Inmarsat umbrella dishes

Good luck, my friend.

Rare as hen's teeth...  the last 4' one that I saw on eBay went for close to
$350. Howard, you are very luck and I am envious. I have had an "autosend"
email set up in ebay looking for one for a couple of months and haven't seen
one pass yet.

I called a couple of the manufacturers a while back to see if I could
purchase one directly, or find a source for used or damaged ones when I was
playing with the umbrella dish idea for FD....

...either they are no longer available, or they want to charge "military
contractor" pricing.... several thousand dollars.  I found a 8' or 10' one
out of New Mexico that was $8000 or $12000 dollars (priced for your favorite
government agency).

I had the links to the different manufacturers, but lost them in a hard
drive crash a few weeks ago. Conductive cloth (like what Howard used on his)
can be found if you Google "EMF protection material".

The latest Inmarsats use some sore of flat panel antenna now, so you would
think these things would be around like Primestar dishes, but they are not.

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