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RE: AO-40 mobile anyone?

Hello Brian

> > http://www.g6lvb.com/images/AO40Mobile.jpg (150Kb)
> hehe thats cool Howard.
> Do tell more about that dish and your uplink and downlink

It's 'work in progress'. And no, it is not a very sensible idea!

The dish is an ex-Inmarsat 24" unit I bought at Dayton this year.

It is mounted on a camera Pan and Tilt unit into which I've put some
electronics to make it look like a Yaesu G-5500. The Pan and Tilt will make
a complete revolution in 8 seconds. It is hooked up to a prototype LVB
Tracker unit and then a PC running Nova.

I also feed in the heading from a GPS with a built in magnetic compass which
corrects the dish azimuth depending on what direction the vehicle is
pointing. So as the vehicle turns, the dish turns with it.

There is no uplink in the photograph because I haven't fitted that yet, but
it will be a small (4+4 ele) cross yagi fitted in front of the S band feed.

73 Howard G6LVB

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