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Re: DXCC Satellite


w9ae writes:
> This is probably insultingly obvious, but I couldn't resist saying that the
> number of new Satellite DXCC awards is highly dependent on having a
> functional DX satellite.  There was no reliable DX satellite for most of the
> time period from 1995 to the present.  1995 was the last year that AO13 gave
> good DX opportunities, and it was already declining as the apogee moved
> steadily south.  AO10 activity was very low because it 
> worked so sporadically.  

With a little luck I will be able to confirm 6 more contacts before year's end and complete DXCC this year as well.  I have 108 worked, with 6 of them in the last two months on AO-40, so the observations about DX activity "picking up" on AO-40 are pretty verifiable.  I started on satellites in 1998 and did not really ever have an "OSCAR array" to work AO-10, so perigee passes were my mainstay.  I wonder if there is anyone else who has achieved DXCC in the last 10 years without ever working AO-13?
Jerry, K5OE
ps:  not being home yesterday, I missed Costa in CT3 and Obi in 8J :-(  I did not hear either this AM when I got AOS (MA 205), but SV5BYR was still very strong on CW.

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