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RE: DXCC Satellite

Jim K0SBH wrote:

My Satellite DXCC Number is 207 Dated June 26, 1995,
so only 75 have been issued since mine. Looks like
less than 10 a year average.

Wayne W9AE replies:

This is probably insultingly obvious, but I couldn't resist saying that the
number of new Satellite DXCC awards is highly dependent on having a
functional DX satellite.  There was no reliable DX satellite for most of the
time period from 1995 to the present.  1995 was the last year that AO13 gave
good DX opportunities, and it was already declining as the apogee moved
steadily south.  AO10 activity was very low because it worked so
sporadically.  At the end of 1995 I had 90 countries confirmed on satellite.
It took me until late 2001 to finally get Satellite DXCC (certificate #274).
Satellite DX opportunities were very limited from 1996-2000.

AO40 has been available for more than 2 years but "rare" DX activity was
limited during the first year because few people had S-band equipment.  But
in the last year DX activity on AO40 has been increasing - both the number
of countries with resident AO40 operators and the number of countries that
have had DXpeditions.  I suspect that the "pace" of new Satellite DXCC
awards will be increasing soon.  And hopefully soon a new satellite operator
will get Satellite DXCC by making contacts only since AO40 was launched.

The pace of Worked All States awards has been similarly slow over that time
period.  I got Satellite WAS #219 in June 1995.  W8WRP got Satellite WAS
#292 in May 2003.  In 8 years only 74 people got Satellite WAS.  That's also
hard to do without a DX satellite because most the continental U.S. has no
window with Hawaii on LEO satellites.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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