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Preliminary Success - USB CI-V (CAT) Interface for Icom-910H

I believe I have figured out a way to control the 910H from USB.  More 
testing is required but I was able to successfully command it in mode and 
frequency from MixW32, which tells me it will work.  The only questions 
remaining are "how well" and "to what extent."

It's actually quite simple.  I also own a W32A, 2720H and T81A.  What they 
all have in common is the OPC-474 cloning cable.   Mine just happens to be 
the OPC-474U model, which is USB.  Fortuanately the USB driver for this 
interface emulates an RS-232 device.

The major difference between the CT-17 and the OPC-474 is that the CT-17 
using a mono 3.5mm plug (GND ring, Signal Tip).  The 474 is a stereo plug 
that doesn't use the tip, only the ring and center contact.  Solution - go 
to Radio Shack, buy the stereo to mono adapter for $2.99 and bingo - 
instant USB interface.

If this continues to work I'll try to install VB so I can start tweaking 
the WiSP DDE sources to support the 910H.  I've already determined that the 
870 settings are not compatible.

If there are any SatPC users in the Bay Area who can help me make sense of 
it I would really appreciate help testing on it.  Up to this point I've 
used SatScape, and SatPC is like Hebrew to me.  There is something 
fundamental but radically different that I'm not comprehending so being 
able to chat on a local repeater would be appreciated.



Emily E. Clarke
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