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Re: WiSP DDE and Icom 910H

Further to my 910H control by SatPC32.  I only use V 8.0.  The later
versions have support for the 910H where V8.0 doesn't.  I have stuck with
V8.0 because I want to transmit on the main band on the 910H whilst I
receive on my 706, I just tell SatPC32 to talk to radios 60H & 50H and we
are both happy.   If I use a later version and tell SatPC32 that I have a
910H it wants to control the sub band for transmit.  Maybe for my wish list
for SatPC32 is to define what radios I want to use per satellite.  I did
enjoy using "The Station", it is a bit long in the tooth now and made for
Windows 3.1 I think (Yes that old!).  I liked it because it could control 3
icom radios.  One uplink, one downlink and the other for the beacon but I
was pushing it and it was a bit flaky under W98.


Matt -VK2DAG-

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