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Re: Undeliverable mail

Don't know if this means anything, but I have noticed when checking via 
webmail that some of my SAREX messages were held as "known spam".  
Didn't know my ISP was doing that, but I suspect something similar may 
be going on in your case depending on which mail exchanges the message 
goes through on its way to amsat.org -- it's possible an admin 
somewhere got burned by a spammer and is cracking down on someone else 
in that IP block, or someone close to your server got RBL'ed, or any 
number of other things.

It's also possible the server is getting a little confused from time to 
time -- my ISP's POP server sometimes forgets my account info until 
it's reset, and it's possible yours may be bouncing messages 
intermittently due to something similar.  Not all mail servers are 
99.99999% reliable .. anyway, it's worth having this friend forward the 
bounce messages to you, because the specific error message he's getting 
may tell you what's going on on your end ..

> A friend in the South Bay, non-amsat, called me on the phone, and said 
> two messages he sent to me to my amsat.org addresswere returned as 
> undeliverable??
> I got another message using my provider address saying the same thing 
> when he sent me mail to my amsat.org address??
> Is anyone else having these problems, or is it just me??

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