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Re: New satellites for beginners / new members????

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003, Bruce Bostwick wrote:

> > There is nothing basically wrong with FM satellites, we just don't
> > seem to use them as efficiently as we could.
> Wholeheartedly agreed.
> But .. this is basically human nature.  The small minority that is able
> to approach things cooperatively and make efficient use of what
> resources are available often forgets that the rest of the people out
> there come from a fundamentally competitive mindset.

Actually, isnt this the classic theorem in Gaming Theory (and the movie
about the author who got the nobel prize).  That is that if all players
have an equal (but small chance) at winning big, they will all play that
way even given the fact that if they all played to lose they would still
get a reasonable prize...

Reason is, that even if all but one, choose the guaranteed win of the
lesser prize, it only takes one to play for the big-one to ruin it for
everyone.  Thus, the only strategy is play to conquer...  :-(


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