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Re: New satellites for beginners / new members????

> There is
> nothing basically wrong with FM satellites, we just don't seem to use 
> them
> as efficiently as we could.

Wholeheartedly agreed.

But .. this is basically human nature.  The small minority that is able 
to approach things cooperatively and make efficient use of what 
resources are available often forgets that the rest of the people out 
there come from a fundamentally competitive mindset.  If everyone 
thought truly cooperatively, FM would be a far more useful mode on 
satellites because the natural reaction to not being able to get on the 
bird would be something other than to crank up the kilowatt amp.  As it 
is, the few of us that do play fair end up being at a disadvantage 
against the many who consider other stations on "their" uplink as QRM 
and act accordingly.  And, due to the nature of an FM receiver, it only 
takes one alligator to run everyone's pass.

It's not a fundamental shortcoming of the mode, per se, just a weakness 
in terms of inability to filter out the people who abuse it.  These 
people show up many places, and in the heat of competition their 
behavior is even worse -- if you have heard many DX pileups on HF you 
know just what I'm talking about, people like the guy who keeps 
pounding out his call on the voice keyer on the DX op's frequency until 
the DX answers him just to get him off the frequency, and so on.  
There's an honor system to ham radio that some folks just don't seem to 
"get", and the best modes in a practical sense, unfortunately, are the 
ones that minimize the impact of this sort of behavior.  If it weren't 
for that one factor, I'd probably be much more in favor of FM for LEO 
sats.  Again, my $.02 and your mileage may vary, but I've been burned 
by the "me first" crowd too many times and too many ways in my life to 
be very forgiving when it comes to dealing with them .. you only have 
to get "snaked" once to start treating people with a baseline level of 
suspicion from then on.

"Oh yeah? Well, I speak LOOOOOOOUD, and I carry a BEEEEEEEger stick -- 
and I use it too!"  **whop!**   -- Yosemite Sam

"Go ahead and do it, you can apologize later." -- RADM Grace Hopper, 
"The sunset is an illusion, but the beauty is real." -- Richard Bach

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