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PCsat Dead?

PCsat permanent QRT at hand.

We were hoping she would make it to the 17-31 July full sun period, but
the last packet captured was 7 days prior, on about the 10th of July.
Even up to that point, I was able to connect on a daily basis and command
her in to power conservation mode when I was here during a pass..

Even on 10 July, both sides responded and everything was functional.
Eclipses were 31 minutes and getting shorter every day. But on 16 July,
the day prior to returning to full sun, nothing, nada. She was making some
attempts at a response, but too weak.

Our other command stations report the same.  Tonight I was here for a pass
and heard one weak packet.  No response.

My guess is that one or more of the NICAD cell's finally shorted, reducing
the voltage below our low-voltage cut-off circuit which was designed to
protect one side from a failed battery on the other.... and in the end
game, to shut it up for good...

We are half way through this full sun period, so I havent given up yet,
but the writing is on the wall...  The last packet on 10 July represents
about 21 months 10 days or so and about 4000 deep cycles on the
batteries...(9000 cycles total).


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