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re: Firewood for sale

Thanks all for the kind words about my latest...
(only) poem. Despite your rave reviews, the xyl 
insists I keep my day job. She has so little vision.

And the trees really are a problem, much more so 
than I realized when I put my antenna system together.
I was used to the much milder degradation of signal 
that I experienced when AO-10 or AO-13 would 
drop behind the foliage. 

Being in a National Monument I can't cut down too
many more trees, and there are several rare species 
that call this place home. (The locals say them critters
is good eat'n though). 

I think a great solution is a dxpedition class portable
station as some have recommended to me. I have really 
been impressed with the performance of these small
systems. One of these on the local 6000 foot fire lookout
would be great! (Except in the winter).

73 and tell the 3DA0 to aim low for us on the west coast.
We'll do the same for you guys to the east when the VK9's
are on.


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