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Re: How does Mode A fair in a

>If I'm going to invest in a 10M transceiver and antenna,
>it would be nice to know a little more about
>it.  It would be a real shame to get hooked on
>Mode A only to have it end up being for naught.

I just got (on EBay) a HTX-10 for $60.00 US!!!  And an old CB whip can be
had for less then $10.00!!  This is far cheaper then the monthly cost for my
ADSL account.  There are other uses for a 10m rig other than satellite even
if you don't have transmitting privileges on 10m.  Also what is the
percentage of  the "US no-code tech" to the world wide ham population with
license conditions for satellite use?  (I am not even going to go into GEOs,
AO-27 & high northern inclined birds!!)
I feel the loss of the RS series of sats has caused us major concern. A
little less the 7 years ago there was a selection of sats to whet most
different users appetite.  A couple of LEO digital birds,  LEO mode A, LEO
mode B, LEO mode K/T, LEO FM, HEOs with modes B & S, MIR, the shuttle and
the odd beeping box.  Now we are squabbling about what the next bird to go
up should be and why it should go up (UGH politics).  To stem the tide of
existing users leaving or to attracted new users.
It is time for us, the users, to stick our hands in our pockets and start
throwing some money at the right people.  If you know of a group that has a
project going that needs funds tell us on the BB, who, what and where.
Matt -VK2DAG-

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