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RE: New satellites for beginners / new members????

You miss the point.

My point is we can use the technology we have, with
equipment we have, to create a satellite we can all

If with stick to 2m/70cm with dual-band mobile radio
as the typical user radio, we can create a few
channels of voice / maybe a channel or two for data
and put it into an orbit that gets better than a few
passes a day. Would this not work?

I'm not saying recreate a multi-million dollar
government satcom system. Just using what we have and
what we know works, KISS seems to work well for the
old RS birds. 

Maybe a cross between FO-20 and SO-35?



>The military has multi-user FM geo sats that allow
voice and digital modes (we used 1200bd bpsk). With a
manpack radio running on batteries at 20-25 watts, I
made contacts with a very simple manpack turnstile
antenna during Desert Storm. These sats were in the
225-400 mhz range if I remember right.

The military satellites are 'HUGE' compared to what we
can afford
to get launched.  They have kilowatts of power,
compared to our
40-200w flea powered satellites.  So their downlink
power budgets
are massive compared to ours. I use to work on
military satellites
and there is no comparison. So we carefully pick our
uplink and
downlinks to match the orbits we can get and the power
we are
able to generate in the limited size of our satellite.

Keith (N6ORS)

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